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Voices of the North Podcast

Powered by GrassRoots in Action, Voices of the North is a socially conscious podcast that aims to bring awareness to important issues affecting our community. Our focus is on discussing topics like voting rights, racial disparities and economic inequalities with the help of community leaders, organizers, politicians, local business owners and community members. Join us as we explore these issues and strive to make a difference in our society.

Recent Episodes

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Dawanna Witt

 Hear from Sheriff Dawanna Witt the first woman and first Black Woman elected to service as Hennepin County Sheriff. Sheriff Witt shares the important distinctions between police and the sheriff's office and trusting herself while being capable of achieving greatness beyond what society deems possible.

Bobby Joe Champion

Senate President Bobby Joe Champion dives into important topics such as the black family, voting rights, education and much more.

Hollies Winston

Hollie Winston mayor of Brooklyn park shares his distinctive efforts in changing policing in Brooklyn Park and bridging relationships between police and the people from the communities he serves. 

Spike Moss

Spike Moss, a prominent advocate and organizer within the community, has joined Voices of the North to share stories that connect the past to the present, providing a framework for building a stronger future.

Keith Ellison

Minnesota's Attorney General, Kieth Ellison, discusses his duties and responsibilities in his position and also addresses the topic of voter's rights.

Benny and Alonzo Lee

On this episode of Voices of the North, Benny Lee, who works as a community liaison and reentry specialist for TASC, is accompanied by his son Alonzo Lee. Together, they talk about the significance of the Black family, the power of the Black voice, and their work that focuses on uplifting the community.

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