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Programs & Services

GrassRoots in Action's programming is designed to engage and involve the community in achieving our mission. By working together, GIA can create a stronger community that benefits everyone. Our programming is thoughtfully designed to provide a variety of opportunities for community members both young and experienced to participate and make a difference. Through these efforts, GIA and the community can work together to create positive change.

Our Programs

Here's how to get involved.


Community Space

Looking for a space to hold an educational event? We have donation based rental space.  Let's learn together.

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Voter Registration

Registering to vote is crucial for ensuring that every member of a community can make their voice heard through the power of their vote.


Community Engagement

GiA hosts community events throughout the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro area with the goal to assess needs, educate community members on government policy, and build relationships within the community.


Phone Banking

Phone banking is a critical tool for increasing voter turnout and engaging with community members who may have limited accessibility outside of the home. 

Career Development Program | Internship Opportunities

Internship opportunity available through our career development program.
Interns will be paired with a mentor to develop and execute a career development plan aligned with their career goals.

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